From the outer banks of Vienna

Alexandra, a PR professional, is living in a dreamy wooden house on the outskirts of Vienna, in an area that is very suburban and lies seemingly in the woods. Alexandra’s terrace is a modern and thought through space. She not only has a nice terrace, but also a garden and somehow a mixture of both. Her lower garden seems like a terrace and smoothly flows into the real garden, where Alexandra and her family can easily reap pepper bells, tomatoes and even pumpkins.


The upper terrace is a modern space and is furnished with only the most necessary things: something to sit on, a few plants and a wonderful little waterfall. The water that passes the fall, is slowly conducted into a swimming pond – a natural one. „Of course this takes a bit more effort than a usual chlorinated swimming pool“, Alexandra says. But everything in her garden seems so easy, connected and natural. The big advantage for the eye is that no blue artificial pool pops up when you gaze through the garden.

It goes without saying that Alexandra’s house and her garden with all the nice features and shades and waterfalls is something really special in Vienna. Only 51% of people in Vienna are living in a single-family house, the rest is living in apartments, flats, garconnieres. This is the lowest rate in Austria, but when you think of Vienna as a city with almost 2 million inhabitants and then compare it to similar cities, this is still a very high proportion.

As you may envy Alexandra for her nice terrace with beautiful view and the lovely garden, you also have to think about the time Alexandra and her family spend with work in the garden. Everything that looks neat and organized needs a lot of neating and organizing! But the result is so unique and fantastic that you may forget about that. At least for a while. Thank you, Alexandra!


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