From the outer banks of Vienna

Alexandra, a PR professional, is living in a dreamy wooden house on the outskirts of Vienna, in an area that is very suburban and lies seemingly in the woods. Alexandra’s terrace is a modern and thought through space. She not only has a nice terrace, but also a garden and somehow a mixture of both. Her lower garden seems like a terrace and smoothly flows into the real garden, where Alexandra and her family can easily reap pepper bells, tomatoes and even pumpkins.

Food lovers in Stadlau

When you think of Stadlau, you think of a part in Vienna that is sometimes mocked as „Transdanubia“ because it is on the other side of the Danube, on the other side of the known historical part of the city. The district is called Donaustadt and is the largest in the stretch of land in Vienna. The weather on the day I drove to meet Florian and Kathrin, a young couple living in Stadlau, an interesting suburban-seeming area, was rather bad than good. It was the day it started to get sunnier again after a few days of rain.

Oasis in Ottakring

One of my very first rooftop showcases I visited, was the little terrace of Stephanie-Katrin, who is a young fashionista living in an two-people-household with her boyfriend. Stephanie-Katrin is from Ottakring, born and raised. The house that holds only two of 35 apartments with a terrace, is a pre-war building where the top layers have been built up subsequently. Obviously, because the apartment seems renovated and new.