Food lovers in Stadlau

When you think of Stadlau, you think of a part in Vienna that is sometimes mocked as „Transdanubia“ because it is on the other side of the Danube, on the other side of the known historical part of the city. The district is called Donaustadt and is the largest in the stretch of land in Vienna. The weather on the day I drove to meet Florian and Kathrin, a young couple living in Stadlau, an interesting suburban-seeming area, was rather bad than good. It was the day it started to get sunnier again after a few days of rain.

The apartment building they are living in is amongst really interesting small wooden houses that have a strong botanical accent and are very unusual for Vienna. The couple is sharing their 10m balcony with a beautiful British Short Hair cat and two bunnies, who are constantly outside from April through October. Besides their outside space both are blogging on, sharing recipes and thoughts about life, happiness and travelling.

„We love cooking and we cook a lot“, Kathrin says and you can see why. When exiting the apartment onto the balcony, you see a huge tomato plant to the left, eggplants, pepper and of course herbs in a self-made container – from a europallet. They have been living there for 2,5 years now and already created their own individual concept of usage. The uneven shape of the balcony made them use the outer, narrower part of it as summer retreat for their two bunnies. While we talk, Florian opens the fence and a bunny hops out to treat itself with parsley.

The view from the south-sided balcony does not seem like Vienna at all. There are no huge buildings or much concrete, but rather smaller houses and a lot of green between them. Kathrin and Florian arranged decorative plants between their little urban garden, which makes it really inviting and joyous. Their next project? Changing the background of the metallic wall. Thank you and happy gardening, Florian and Kathrin!



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