Advertising on is possible, but limited. Only a maximum of 10% of our content is set to be advertising.

  • You can advertise either with a static ad in a sidebar (which is only activated if the ad space is booked) (max. 2 at a time) – no banners, no blinky blinky fancypancy stuff. A picture and a link. No reader should get frustrated with this website.
  • The most interesting way for you to advertise on is through content advertising.  If you are a company that has something interesting to offer for readers and the target audience of this website, we can find a way to cooperate on an individual level. Feel free to send me a request and I’ll provide you with informations and prices.


Since this website has just been launched recently, a representative advertisers kit with numbers and facts has not been created yet. If you are interested in current growth and numbers, feel free to ask.